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25-07-2021 - Digital Films - Cover
Digital Content Cover - 24-07-2021
26-07-2021 - AWARDS - Cover Picture
Idea Decks - Cover Picture
Social Content Strategy - Option 2
Social Posts Cover - Canva
Social Media Engagement Cover - Option 2
Unreleased - option 3

Rejected Ideas

The Postcard Project

The Postcard Project

Original Music


Image by Repent of Your Sins & Seek Lord Jesus

How to Be a Freaky Grandma: What It Means to Be Old, Attractive, Female in India - Published by The Phosphene Magazine

Quilted Mornings 2 - pexels-photo-8318191

Quilted Mornings - Published by Reading Room Co.

Image by Laura Chouette


Image by Annie Spratt

Zui: The Wildflower of Mumbai - True Story


Because a touching story about the superficiality of gender, needs a touching painting. So I painted this using fingers, instead of brushes.


Hinduism worshiped period blood. Guwahati's Maa Kamakhya Temple still does.

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