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BoroPlus Aloe Gel Website

From designing the content structure to ideating engagement pieces, I supervised the entire content creation process of the product website.

#NowCalling Trend Experiment

A campaign that organically trended on social media after we facilitated partnership among 3-4 brands working with our agency. These brands each released a post communicating their brand message using a similar post format with #NowCalling. This created an illusion of a trend building up and soon thousands of brands followed suit, making the hashtag trend for a week. This experiment made us realise the secret sauce to social - collaboration.

now calling 1.JPG

Sample of one of the original posts we created.

What 1000s of other brands created.


In India, children love rap and hate math.

This campaign aimed to make math fun again with sing-along rap that’s easy to remember for kids.

 Social Posts

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