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I had a short conversation with Chhaya today. A lean, short woman with beautiful bronze skin. We were waiting for the same train to Church gate. She said “Just missed the train?” in a typical Marathi accent of Mumbai. I agreed and said, “I didn’t even feel like running to catch the train today. So I just watched it pass by”. “It’s not the morning, fortunately”, I added.


She laughed in a casual, innocent manner. She said, “Yeah until you’re married you must enjoy this. For us married women, the evening is as much as the morning is”. “Thank God I’m not married yet,” I thought out loud. She laughed, I did too. The train arrived, we parted ways. That day, I also thanked the universe for helping me find a seat in the ladies compartment. Trust me, it does not happen often.

P.S.: A million working women travel from one end of the city to another, everyday.

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