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SXSW Festival - Brief by Google

Google's brief for top agencies across the world: ​

Reimagine and retell a classic fairy tale in just a few seconds. We were asked to retell the story of Thumbelina in the 21st-century setting. Using the creative device of a dating app and phone screen recording, we created films within a minimum budget. We competed with agencies across the world and our work was chosen to be screened at the annual film and media festival, SXSW, Texas. 

Thumbelina - A 21st Century Re-telling: Full Film

The story was also told as a combination of 6-second and 15-second bumpers. This helped us break down the film in multiple bite sizes and deploy it in a linear way using retargeting as the strategy.

1. The First Encounter

2. The Great Escape 

3. The Right Swipe

The mid sequence told using a 15-second bumper property

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