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What Do You Want to See Today?

We spend more time deciding which show to watch, than watching the show itself.  

An idea that uses inkblot tests to let your subconscious mind pick your next show.

Award: Cannes Young Lions


Pantene Hairbrush

Pantene wanted to talk to Gen-Z in a language they found exciting.

Solution: An idea that created a young and meme-worthy character - your hairbrush, who is secretly stealing your hair and your life. (This is still unreleased).


Livon Serum sold a lot of products but had no brand presence.    

Solution: A brand-building campaign that used real social posts to change the way girls felt about their hair.   


A campaign that aimed to desexualise lesbian love and normalise lesbian relationships.   

Award: Kyoorius D&AD, DMA International Echo


An idea that used WhatsApp Good Morning forwards to break the silence on depression and suicide.

Google SXSW

Re-imagining Thumbelina with YouTube’s bumper formats. Films were screened at the SXSW festival in Texas.

Cadbury - Share Little Moments of Love

This film gave people a whole new way of sharing a Cadbury with Cadbury Home Treats.

Livon Shake & Spray Song

Livon Serum launched its product in a new Shake & Spray form that girls weren’t sure how to use.

This campaign converted a popular rhyme into a musical product usage routine,

giving rise to a social media dance challenge.

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