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Pantene Unreleased Cover.PNG
Pantene Hairbrush Films

To communicate that Pantene is synonymous with anti-hair fall, we created a visually disruptive series of films with unique storytelling. A hairbrush was given the personality of a frenemy, who is living the life of its owner, by stealing her hair. The idea was to make girls wonder whether their hairbrush was stealing their hair and consequently their life. Only to urge them to brush away this toxic relationship with their hairbrush and reclaim their life from its vile clutches.

P.S.: Since this is unreleased work, it is still WIP.   


Translated Dialogues: 

It's Rhea's BFF's birthday party! 
She let me go instead of her. Love her ya. 
In fact, I've written a poem for her...
Rhea's hair, Rhea's hair now all mine...
Because to use both shampoo and conditioner she never has time 
*wicked giggles* 
Too bad, she knows nothing about Pantene 2-in-1 which has shampoo and conditioner in one bottle na? 
Till then, I'll look so fine. 
*more wicked giggles* 

Translated Dialogues: 

Oh! Hi! I'm Tara's hairbrush. 
If you want hair like mine, talk to Tara. 
But I doubt she'll have any left because I've taken them all. 
All thanks to Tara's 9 am classes due to which she has no time to use a conditioner na? 
And till she doesn't know about Pantene 2-in-1 shampoo + conditioner, my life is lit! 
And you better not tell her. I got to get back to Zumba now. See ya! 

YouTube Bumper Edits: 
Flower Girl
BoroPlus YouTube Bumper Scripts

BoroPlus, a brand that's been around for decades is well known for its Ayurvedic legacy and antiseptic as well as moisturizing products. Its flagship product, BoroPlus Antiseptic Cream has multi-usages and has been an Indian household favourite for many years.

However, this year, BoroPlus Antiseptic Cream is planning to launch smaller packs that are easy to carry and use. These smaller packs are mainly targeted at the younger generation to inspire them to use this old favourite product in new-age, relatable ways. 

Hence, the brief was to create 10-15 second bumper ads for the smaller packs of this product to show both its novel usages while still retaining its warmth, love and nostalgia especially when it comes to at-home, in-family usage.

Below are the series of film scripts I cracked for the brand.  

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