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‘The Postcard Project’ is an exercise in photography, writing and sharing the experiences of my trip to the hills. Rather, a romance that I was being a part of. So, I’m calling this series, ‘The Romance with the Hills’, which the ‘The Postcard Project’ attempts to bring to life, in a unique way.

So here’s how it works. I printed a series of pictures, simply clicked with my smartphone on our ten-day adventure to Himachal. And behind each of these pictures is a relevant, not-so-random write-up, worded by mostly a random person that I crossed paths with, while on the trip.

So, I asked a few of my friends to pick any postcard that appealed to them the most. The only catch? They would have to do this, without seeing the write-up, but the picture alone. And somehow, surprisingly, most of them ended up picking only that postcard and consequently that write-up, that they could relate most to, with their current life experiences.

Want to see some? Let’s jump right in then.


A marvellous irony.jpg


The flight of fear.jpg


Cleanse away.jpg
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