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An effective way to make digital audiences stop and take notice - thumb-stopping films.


The Perfect Partner

Come Valentine's Day, the whole world is in search of their perfect partner. Everyone wants their partner to be strong, dependable, gentle, and loving. How did so many customers of BoroPlus find their perfect partner? Go on. Watch and find out.

P.S.: This video was shot without any budget, remotely. We networked with a group of amateur actors who volunteered. That's why, more than the video quality, it is the storytelling that won hearts. 



Shake & Spray Song

A unique product like Livon Shake & Spray Hair Serum, needed a unique film to explain how to use the product to get the benefit of fabulous, frizz-free hair. So, a song everyone was pretty familiar with, was a unique, groovy, and fun twist. 


Don't Share a Cadbury 

Chocolate is all about sharing. However, when Cadbury launched Silk Home Treats, bite-sized versions of their chocolate for at-home consumption, we found a unique way to tell that story in 10 seconds. The story revolved around two people who are fighting over a bar of Silk. In the end, they each find a way to indulge in Silk without sharing the bar at all. 


Flip the Feeling

Every girl despises bad hair days. And most times, girls take to social media to share this frustration. So, we went through thousands of social media posts, comments and rants via social listening. We then picked out a few of these to create a one-of-a-kind poem. This poem resonated the hatred for bad hair days when read from the start to end, but flipped the feeling completely when read in reverse. This was released as a film on social media to inspire girls to simply flip how they felt about their hair by changing their perspective and using Livon Hair Serum. The handles of the girls whose posts we had picked were tagged and featured in the film.

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