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Overheard at work:
The adrenaline rush of an awards-brief over coffee, please.


Gift Childhood

To raise awareness about child labour, we created a campaign that told one story when the video was played on mute - the story of how a beautiful piece of jewellery or home decor was created. However, when unmuted, it told a completely different story - the story of how millions of children in India and harassed, abused, and forced to work. This campaign was released on Children's Day and trended on Twitter the day it was released. It also received a shortlist at Kyoorius Creative Awards, 2019. 


L for Love

Porn has over-sexualised lesbians across the world. #LforLove, a social media campaign, aimed to shatter this stereotype and represent real lesbian love without the cloud of sexuality looming over it. This campaign received multiple nominations at one of India's coveted creative award shows, Kyoorius in the year 2019. 


SXSW Festival

Google's brief for top agencies across the world: ​Reimagine and retell a classic fairy tale in just a few seconds. We were asked to retell the story of Thumbelina in the 21st-century setting. Using the creative device of a dating app and phone screen recording, we created films within a minimum budget. We competed with agencies across the world and our work was chosen to be screened at the annual film and media festival, SXSW, Texas. 


Instagram Contest

Facebook organised an intra-agency competition for all the Ogilvy offices across the world. The brief? Use Instagram stories innovatively for any of the brands we were then working on. The idea competed against all the offices of Ogilvy and won the contest. 


Cannes Young Lions 2019

Brief: A recent study showed that people are spending more time trying to find something to watch than actually consuming content. The challenge is in getting maximum people to watch the original content by a hypothetical OTT platform, ContentFly. Design a print campaign to guide consumers on what to watch and thereby prefer ContentFly to other OTT channels. 

Idea: Use the concept of an inkblot test in print ads. Basis the first thing that people see on this inkblot-test-style print ad, a show or movie is suggested to them. 
The idea was featured one among the top 10 entries from India. 

Image by Elena Mozhvilo

Other Award Entries


Cannes Young Lions 2021

Daily Foods has been in the Indian market for more than 3 decades with a range of food products ranging from snacks, sauces, jams, and ice cream. They have all been branded under the umbrella brand name of “Daily”. They have been operating in the affordable segment. Given that consumers are now looking to upgrade and willing to spend more for value-added products and higher perceived quality, Daily is looking at launching a premium range. This will also add to Daily’s bottom line as this range will enjoy better margins. Create a print campaign to sell the premium range of Daily Foods and set the brand on its premiumisation strategy.



Olive Awards

Brief: Create an on-ground campaign to reduce food wastage and spark conversations on how it impacts the environment. 

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