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Where's the carrot?

Your social media audience perhaps knows your brand. Maybe they've come across it and liked a post or two. But what's the carrot that will keep them coming back? Social media engagement campaigns will do the trick to keep audiences hooked to your brand with the help of shareable content, influencer marketing ideas, and more. Here are a few examples of it that I've worked on.


Singapore's Changi Airport was looking for a way to engage the Indian audience during a time when international travel wasn't open. The brand wanted to engage audiences and stay relevant. As the New Year was around the corner, we created an Instagram Filter that merged two things Indians could never stop loving - horoscopes and travel. The filter suggested a country that was perfect for the user basis their zodiac sign. Thus, encouraging the user to plan a trip to that country and plan a layover at Changi too, whenever travel resumes.

What's more? 
We partnered with multiple influencers across categories like fashion, sports, music and more, to spread the word. 

The campaign got half a million impressions and over 16,000 unique user clicks. 


Colour Together

BoroPlus, a trusted Ayurvedic brand is synonymous with empathy and care. In a world where most parents are finding it hard to connect with their kids or with themselves, the brand wanted to create an engagement campaign to help. That's why we created the 'Colour Together' colouring e-book to encourage our audience to engage in an activity that helps them calm down and also connect with their kids.

This is a downloadable/printable e-book featuring the Ayurvedic herbs used in BoroPlus soaps. The book was hosted on their website and shared via email. We even converted this colouring book into IG Stories, for others to colour their way to mental well-being on social media.


now calling 1.JPG

Here is a sample of the post we originally created and released via Pantene's handle. 

While we expected brands to jump onto this trend, we didn't expect a whopping 1000+ brands to join in.

Clients love trend posts. Doesn't matter whether it's a beautiful Sunday morning or a tired Wednesday midnight, a trend takes over social media, and all the copywriters, as well as designers, are dropping everything to piggyback on it, at the client's insistence. So, one day, we got tired and decided to stop piggybacking on trends. We decided to create a trend that everyone else piggybacks on. Introducing, the #NowCalling trend experiment, where we first cracked a simple, flexible, and sustainable post idea that could potentially become a trend post. Then, we got 4 different brands within the agency (from Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore offices) to work together and release the trend post on the same day at a similar time. 


A Trend Experiment
*Press play
Open Eyes to Depression

This idea was created pro-bono because it is a cause I deeply care about. From getting in touch with the NGO to pitching the idea and executing it, this was created with a lot of heart. No wonder, it was widely appreciated. And more importantly, it touched a lot of lives in the country.

Maths Rapped Up

Vedantu, an e-learning app for school kids wanted to create an engaging campaign for Math Day. While most students have a love-hate relationship with math, most of them hate memorizing formulas. And yet, this same TG cannot stop memorising the long and tedious rap lyrics popular in India. That's why we created #MathRaps, a series of Instagram Reels that helped students remember the hardest formulas in math by creating rap songs using them. That's not all. We released these tracks on Instagram Music, letting our audience use them and make their own videos while they memorised the formulas in a fun way.

*Unmute to watch
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