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Lookin’ good, like it should?

Every social media page needs to look good without compromising on the story it tells. Here’s a glimpse into my work which will hopefully demonstrate my love for creating social media posts using specific features of the platform such as loop videos or the unmute feature.

This was created as an engaging post for Instagram. Once the audience unmuted the video, the post would reveal what's new about the newest variant of Cadbury Silk.
This was created a topical post during FIFA World Cup
This was created bearing in mind that Instagram auto-loops all the videos which have a duration of 5 seconds or less.
BoroPlus Post - 169071568_502259154280973_3384119048701225320_n.jpg
Ever since BoroPlus began its journey on Instagram, my team managed its page. However, their account was hacked and we lost all the work that was done. We revived the page later and built our presence from scratch. Check all the posts created by me with my team by clicking the button below. Refer only to the posts uploaded on or before the 25th of July as I stopped working on this, after. 
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